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The Race to the Super App

The Race to the Super App


Executive Summary:

Following the lead of Alipay and WeChat Pay in China, the race is on to develop Super Apps around the globe. While the Super Apps in the West may not encompass as many everyday activities as the leading Chinese Super Apps given structural market differences across regions, there is a clear battleground emerging to provide one seamless app with all of the key financial services needed by mainstream consumers. We see two Super App models emerging across the globe: the financial services-led, winner-take-all model, and the aggregator model. There are numerous examples where some combination of savings, lending, brokerage, wealth management, crypto trading, and personal financial management solutions are all coming together under one roof. This report discusses the history of the Super App, the various Super App models that have emerged globally, and examines the global landscape and the players that are leading the way as well as new potential entrants across all key geographies.

Report Features:

  • Exclusive interviews with the CEOs of 10 companies developing Super Apps
  • Detailed profiles of 60 players in the space

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