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FT Partners Publishes Comprehensive FinTech IPO Infographic

Financial Technology Partners (FT Partners) published its comprehensive overview of the FinTech IPO landscape producing what is largely the first in-depth look at the overall history and quantitative review of FinTech Initial Public Offerings since 2005. This detailed look at FinTech IPOs is a result of the Firm’s longstanding coverage of the FinTech universe.

FinTech IPOs at a Glance

Key FinTech IPOs and Selected Public Company Transactions

FinTech IPO Pipeline and Notable FinTech Events for Pending IPOs

Filing for an IPO does not always result in FinTech companies going public via the IPO process. The charts below show several FinTech firms currently under registration along with many companies that were either acquired while going through the registration process or after delaying the IPO, or are still waiting for the right time to find liquidity.

Top FinTech IPO Performers and Laggards

FinTech IPOs have generally performed well in the marketplace, however, not all companies choosing the IPO path have been rewarded in the public markets as demonstrated below.

FinTech IPO Analysis by Investor Source, Sector and Vintage

Reviewing the historical breakdown of FinTech IPOs demonstrates the broad success of FinTech IPOs in almost all areas and across all sectors.

Most Active FinTech IPO Investors

FinTech investors have historically looked to IPOs as an key avenue for liquidity and the chart below highlights those investors that have pursued this avenue the most since 2005.

Significant FinTech Financings

Although IPOs remain a significant source of liquidity for companies and their investors, FinTech firms are increasingly finding alternative sources of liquidity to fund the business, provide founder and early stage investor liquidity.