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The Rise of Challenger Banks: Are the Apps Taking Over?

The Rise of Challenger Banks: Are the Apps Taking Over?


Executive Summary:

The banking sector is experiencing a major shift globally, as Challenger Banks are becoming increasingly formidable competitors to traditional banks and have begun to capture significant market share. Furthermore, the lines between banks and other consumer financial services providers are blurring, with several alternative lenders and robo-advisors beginning to offer banking products to their customers. E-commerce / internet giants are also jumping into the fray with Google and Amazon, among others, beginning to offer banking products. In response to the emergence of Challenger Banks, a number of incumbent banks have launched their own FinTech brands, and traditional financial institutions will likely turn to FinTech solution providers in order to defend their turfs.

Report Features:

  • An overview of trends in the Challenger Banking space as well as the broader banking ecosystem
  • A detailed landscape of Challenger Banks globally
  • Proprietary list of financing and M&A transactions in the space
  • Interviews with 16 Challenger Bank executives
  • Detailed profiles of 41 global Challenger Banks

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