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Company Overview: Bilt – A Rewards Network Centered On the Home & Neighborhood

Executive Summary:

Following Bilt's announcement of its FT Partners-advised $200 million financing round at a $3.1 billion valuation (with Ken Chenault, former CEO of American Express, joining the board), the Company's writeup in Bloomberg, and the virtual fireside chat we hosted with CEO Ankur Jain on January 31, there has been a dramatic increase in interest in Bilt's business model. Given the large volume of inbounds, we worked with Bilt to take a deeper look at the Company's mission and business model, and its innovative approach to integrating the home and neighborhood into a comprehensive rewards network. While we don't share exact figures and unit economics, this profile should give readers a comprehensive look at the uniqueness of Bilt's network model, which has propelled the Company to $200 million in annualized revenue and profitability since its public launch in just March of 2022.

Key discussion topics of the report include:

  • A deep dive on Bilt's rewards network model and how it provides value to all ecosystem stakeholders
  • The Company's business model and how its rewards network is funded
  • Overviews of the network's three primary ecosystems: the Residential ecosystem, the Merchant ecosystem, and the Redemption Partners ecosystem


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